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Tenth Battery,

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Tenth Massachusetts Battery Association

Tenth Mass Battery Association

The Tenth Massachusetts Battery Association was originally formed in 1879 by the veterans of the Battery, as a fraternal organization. It has been revived in 1998 as a group formed for historical research into the people, events and artifacts of the Tenth Massachusetts Battery in the Civil War. This group is not affiliated with any other organization. The membership is open to any historic minded person. A President will be chosen, whose duties will include organizing meetings, mailings to the membership and recording all proceedings of the group. Any interested person may reply to cannoneerfour@hotmail.com.

The Tenth Massachusetts Battery Association today

Members of the Tenth Massachusetts Battery, N-SSA who had a strong interest in the original Battery revived the Association in 1998. We have tried to make the history live by gathering all the information and artifacts we could and make it available. Members have spoken to organizations, made pilgrimages to Gettysburg, Ream's Station and cemetaries and chased through reference materials to gather what knowledge we could. The historical record and roster of the Battery is availble on this website. We have been especially grateful to the decendants of Battery members who have contacted us and shared additional information with us.

Some of the information we have managed to collect on the Battery


Southboro Historical Society

Southboro Historical Society

Members of the Tenth Massachusetts Battery Association were invited to speak Wednesday, February 24, 1999. Two members of the original Battery were from Southboro. The Association was able to present a copy of Southboro In the Civil War to the Society. For more information, see the Southboro Historical Society page.



The Massachusetts Military Museum
Worcester, Massachusetts

The Archives of the Massachusetts National Guard, dating back to the State's earliest Militias. Recently consolidated and moved to an old Armory in downtown Worcester, Director Stephen Seemes has transformed it into a valuable historical resource.

Part of a display put on at the Massachusetts Military Museum by TMBA members; centered on a Confederate Mountain Rifle reproduction, used in American Artillery Association and North-South Skirmish Association competition, and recently featured in an article in The Artilleryman.


Ron Borjeson receiving the Good Citizenship Award from the Sons of the American Revolution during the Opening Night for the Civil War exhibit featuring the artifacts of Mr. Berry. Ron has served as the Civil War Curator for the Museum. Looking on is Musuem Director Steve Seames.


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Fort Sill, the home of U.S. Army Artillery, has Ordnance Rifle #542, which the Tenth Battery lost at Ream's Station

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John H. Chipman, Jr. Post #89, Grand Army of the Republic Hall, Beverly, Massachusetts had at least one member who served with the Battery.

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