Roster of the 10th Battery,
Massachusetts Volunteer Light Artillery, 1862-65



This information compiled from Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War, The Adjutant General, 1932, and Sleeper's 10th Massachusetts Battery, by John D. Billings, 1881 with additional information from the Massachusetts Military Archives, Worcester, MA, and is presented by the Tenth Mass Battery Association.

Commisioned and Non-Commisioned Officers

J. Henry Sleeper, Captain (Brevet Major)
{Commander 1862-1864; Wounded at Ream's Station, 8-25-64; Resigned February, 1864}

 J. Webb Adams, Captain (Brevet Major)
{Commander 1864-1865}

Henry H. Granger, 1st Lt (Brevet Captain, Major, Lt Colonel)
{Originally raised Battery}
{Acting Commander, Wounded at Hatcher's Run 10-27-64, Died of Wounds 10-30-64}

William G. Rollins, 1st Lt

  Millbrey Green, 1st Lt (Brevet Captain, Major)

  Asa Smith, 2nd Lt
{Wounded at Hatcher's Run 10-27-64, Died of Wounds, 10-28-64}

  Thomas R. Armitage, 2nd Lt

  George H. Day, 2nd Lt

  George M. Townsend, 2nd Lt
{When Battery colors were returned to the State House on December 19, 1865,
Lt Townsend, with 25 members, represented the Battery.}

  James S. Bailey, Jr., 1st Sgt

  Otis N. Harrington, 1st Sgt

  Charles E. Pierce, 1st Sgt
{Discharged and promoted 9/14/64 to 4th Mass Heavy Arty}

  W. H. Fitzpatrick, QM Sgt

  Bradlee, Samuel J., Sgt
{Discharged and promoted 12/2/63 to 14th Battery, MLA}

  Joseph H. Currant, Sgt

  Charles W. Doe, Sgt

  Luther L. Estabrook, Sgt

  Chandler Gould, Sgt

  George F. Gould, Sgt
{Discharged and promoted 9/22/64 to 29th Mass Heavy Artillery}

  Adolphus B. Parker, Sgt

  Benjamin F. Parker, Sgt

  Phillip T. Woodfin, Jr., Sgt
{Wounded 10/13/63; Discharged and promoted 3/19/64 to 16th Battery, MLA}

  George W. Blair, Cpl

  Burnham C. Clark, Cpl

  Francis M. Estee, Cpl

  Richard Goldsmith, Cpl

  Francis M. Howes, Cpl

  William B. Lemmon, Cpl

  Charles E. Osborne, Cpl

  Samuel Paine, Cpl

  George A. Pease, Cpl

  Asa F. Richardson, Cpl

  Andrew B. Shattuck, Jr, Cpl

  John H. Stevens, Cpl

  Joshua T. Reid, Bugler

  John E. Mugford, Bugler

  Amasa D. Bacon, Artificer

  Willard Y. Gross, Artificer


Alphabetical Roster

Abbott, Alvin    POW 7/20/63 RTB 6/10/64

Abell, Samuel    D/D 10/32/62

Adams, Daniel D.

Adams, Joshua Webb,    Captain    Second Commander of the Battery, February, 1864

Adams, Lyman W.    W/P 8/25/64

Alden, S. Augustus,    QM Sgt    POW 7/20/63 RTB 6/10/64

Allard, Lewis R.    POW 7/20/63 RTB 6/10/64

Allen, Joseph P.

Allen William

Amsden, Charles W.

Apthorp, John P.

Armitage, Thomas R.    2nd Lt

Ashcroft, Elias

Atkinson, Daniel W.    KIA 10/27/64

Atwood, Edwin T.

Atwood, Sewall A.

Bacon, Amasa D.    artifacer

Bailey, James S., Jr.    1st Sgt

Bailey, John W.

Barker, Cornelius N.    D/D 5/27/63

Barnes, Hosea O.    KIA 5/30/64

Bastable, William M.

Baxter, John F.

Beals, Horace B.

Beck, Tobias

Bemis, Herman N.

Bemis, Roswell

Bickford, William H.    D 7/5/64

Billings, Alfred C.    WIA 10/27/64

Billings, John D.    Author of SLEEPER'S TENTH MASS BATTERY, HARD TACK AND COFFEE, as well as other books

Birmingham, Michael

Blackmer, Daniel C.

Blair, George W.    Cpl

Blandin Arthur A.

Blaney, William T.

Bradlee, Samuel J.    Sgt    DFP 12/2/63 to 14th Battery, MLA

Bradley, John

Bright, Alonzo

Brooks, Joseph    D/D 5/11/63

Brown, Frederick F.

Brown, John P.    POW 8/25/64; RTB 12/16/64 [also John Perry]

Brown, Oren P.    WIA 8/25/64; D/D 6/9/65

Browning, James W.

Bruce, Charles E.

Burroughs, Isaac N.

Butterfield, Norman H.

Campbell, Michael

Carr, John H.

Carr, Patrick

Carter, Theodore, A.

Chase, Charles L.

Chase Frank A.    POW 7/20/63 RTB 10/7/63

Chase, Harrison

Childs, Jonathan E.    D 11/15/62

Church, Edwin H.

Clark, Burnham C.    Cpl

Clark, Charles F.

Clark, George L.

Clark, William H.

Colbath, Charles G.

 Connors, Charles

Cook, Francis A.    D/D 5/20/65

Corlew, Benjamin E.

Cranston, George T.

Crawford, Robert

Critchett, Moses G.

Cross, Joseph

Currant, Joseph H.    Cpl

Cusick, Thomas    POW 8/25/64; RTB 12/16/64

Damrell, Edwin F.    WIA 5/12/64

Day, George H.    2 Lt

Devereaux, George N.    WIA 8/25/64; DOW 8/27/64

Devine, Timothy

Dixon, George M.    D/D 1/21/63

Doe, Charles W.    Sgt

Donnelly, William G.

Dwight, James

Edwards, Joseph

Edwards, William

Ellsworth, Thomas

Elsworth, James

Endicott, William E.    POW 8/25/64

Estabrook, Luther L.    Sgt

Estee, Francis M.    Cpl

Ewell, Henry L.    WIA 8/25/64; DOW 11/21/64

Fales, Edward A.

Farrell, Michael    WIA 10/27/64

Fay, Asa W.

Fisher, Alvin B.

Fiske, Cahrles

Fitzpatrick, William H.    QM Sgt

Floytrop, Emil Christian    [also Emil Wentworth]

Foley, Michael

Follett, Algernon P.

Folley, Patrick    [also Patrick Foley]

Foran, Patrick

Foster, Samuel H.    WIA 8/25/64

French, John W.

Friend, Ellis A.

Frost, John C.    D/D 9/25/63

Gallagher, James

Gallagher, Patrick

Gilley, Richard G.

Glidden, Oscar F.    POW 8/25/64

Goldsmith, Richard    Cpl

Goodwin, John T.    WIA 5/10/64, 8/25/64

Gould, Chandler    Sgt    D 10/5/64

Gould, George F.    Sgt    DFP 9/22/64 to 29th Mass Heavy Arty

Gowell, Asa L.

Granger, Henry H.    1st Lt    Raised the Battery; Acting C'mdr 8/25/64, WIA 10/27/64; DOW 10/30/64

Green, Charles W.    P 8/25/64, D(POW) 1/13/65

Green, Milbury    1st Lt

Gross, Willard Y.    Artifacer

Haley, Michael

Ham, Llewellyn

Handlin, John

Hanson, Samuel A.

Harrington, Otis N.    Sgt    D 7/30/63

Hayden, Joseph W.

Herlihy, Timothy

Herring, William

Hill, Edwin A.

Hill, Pierce T.

Holbrook, Alexander W.    D 8/16/64

Hooper, Benjamin G.    WIA 8/25/64

Hooper, Joseph A.    WIA 10/13/63; D/D 3/4/64

Hooper, William E.    D/D 12/30/64

Horrigan, Richard

Howes, Francis M.    Cpl    P 8/25/64; RTB 1/10/65

Hunt, Leroy E.

Innis, George H.

Jewell, Edwin C.

Johnson, Stephen H.

Jones, Henry

Kay, James    Missing 8/25/64; No Further Record

Keefe, Daniel

Killoran, Hugh

Knowland, John H.

Lear, Joseph

Leavitt, Moses

Lee, James

Lemmon, William B.    Cpl

Lohan, Francis

Lucas, James A.

Macomber, Franklin L.    P 8/25/64; D(POW) 12/28/64

Martin, Richard    P 8/25/64; RTB 1/4/65

Martin, William H.

Mason, Charles A.    KIA 8/25/64

Maxwell, Albert N. A.    D 2/20/64

Maynard, John C.

McAllister, Daniel

McAuliffe, Cornelius

Mercier, Moses

Merrill, Alonzo N.

Miller, Daniel H.

Millett, John    POW 8/25/64; RTB 12/16/64

Mins, Francis

Monroe, Frank A.

Montague, Francis

Moran, William    [William G. Moran]

Mugford, John E.    bugler    POW 8/25/64; RTB 3/5/65

Mullett, Emerson B.    KIA 5/10/64

Murphy, Henry

Neagle, Patrick E.

Nelson, John

Nesbitt, John

Newton, Harmon    D 9/18/64

Nichols, George

Nichols, George H.

Nichols, William B.

Northey, William E.

Norton, John    D 8/22/63

Nowell, Timothy

O'Connell, Jeremiah

O'Connor, Daniel A.

Oliver, Hiram B.    D/D 7/15/65

O'Neill, Michael B.

Orcutt, Henry

Orcutt, Mears

Osborne, Charles E.    Cpl

Osborne, William

Otis, Samuel

Packard, Charles N.

Paine, Samuel    Cpl

Park, George W.

Parker, Adolphus B.    Sgt    POW 8/25/64; RTB 3/5/65

Parker, Benjamin F.    Cpl

Peach, James    D/D 11/10/64

Pease, George A.    Cpl

Pedrick, Benjamin G.

Phillips, Benjamin H.

Pierce, Charles E.    1st Sgt    DFP 9/14/64 to 4th Mass Heavy Arty

Pierce, George H.    D 3/5/64

Pierce, Leverett

Pierce, Marcus M.

Pierce, Waldo

Pike, Hiram

Prince, Charles E.

Proal, Thomas J.

Putnam, George H.

Putnam, George K.    W/P 8/25/64 paroled 9/1/64 DOW 11/2/64

Quimby, Elisha T.    D/D 11/11/64

Quinn, George W.

Quint, Louis E.

Ramsdell, John M.

Rawson, William    W/P 8/25/64; RTB 2/20/65

Redfield, Timothy G.    POW 8/25/64; D(POW) 2/20/65

Reid, Joshua T.    bugler    D/D 1/2/65

Rice, Albert E.

Richardson, Asa F.    Cpl

Richardson, Simeon G.

Riley, John

Ring, Hiram P.

Rising, Justus J.

Rollins, William G.    1 Lt

Rooney, Francis

Roundy, William S.

Sanderson, Joseph F.

Sawyer, Michael

Schwartz, James L.

Shattuck, Andrew B., Jr.    Cpl

Sheridan, Joseph

Slack, Charles

Sleeper, J. Henry    Captain    The first Commander of the Tenth, WIA 8/25/64; Res'd 2/17/64

Smith, Albert W.

Smith, Asa    2 Lt    WIA 10/27/64; DOW 10/28/64

Smith, George A.    POW 8/25/64; RTB 12/16/64

Smith, James D.

Smith, Thomas

Snelling, John F.

Southworth, Alvah F.

Spooner, Albert B.    D 8/20/64

Starkweather, William H.    WIA 8/25/64

Stetson, John H.    W/P 8/25/64; RTB 10/12/64

Stevens, John H.

Stevens, Judson    D 8/31/64/

Stowell, David R.

Strand, Thomas W.

Strout, Jonas W.

Sulham, Jacob B.

Temple, Lyman W.

Terbriggen, Peter A.

Thayer, James L.W.

Thompson, Alvin    POW 8/25/64; RTB 2/20/65

Thompson, Charles D.    W/P 8/25/64; RTB 1/14/65

Thresher, Elbridge D.    D 4/26/65

Towle, Mathew

Townsend, George M.    2 LT

Trefry, William A.

Warburton, Hiram

Ward, Franklin    D 9/20/63

Wendell, Reuben B.    D/D 2/24/63

Whalen, Daniel

Wheelock, Oliver W.

White, John D.

White, Agustus C.    WIA 5/10/64

Whiting, Edwin S.

Wilson, Everett J.

Wilson, Jonas W.

Winslow, Henry B., Jr

Woodard, James J.

Woodfin, Philip T. Jr.    Sgt    WIA 10/13/63; DFP 3/19/64 to 16th Battery, MLA

Woodis, Charles E.

Wright, Rufus C.


Abbreviations used: KIA, killed in action; DOW, died of wounds; WIA, wounded in action; MIA, missing in action; W/P, wounded, taken prisoner; P, taken prisoner; CBG, captured by guerillas; RTB, paroled and returned to Battery; VRC, Veterans Reserve Corps; DFP, discharged for promotion; D/D, discharged for disability; MOWB, mustered out with Battery; MO, mustered out; D, died

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