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Tenth Battery,

Massachusetts Light Artillery


Abbreviations used: KIA, killed in action; DOW, died of wounds; WIA, wounded in action; MIA, missing in action; W/P, wounded, taken prisoner; P, taken prisoner; CBG, captured by guerillas; RTB, paroled and returned to Battery; VRC, Veterans Reserve Corps; DFP, discharged for promotion; D/D, discharged for disability; MOWB, mustered out with Battery; MO, mustered out;

Alphabetical Roster

Thompson - Wright

Name Age Town
Mustered Record
Thompson, Alvin 23 W.Alberg, Vt
1/21/64 P 8/25/64 @ Ream's Station, Va; RTB 2/20/65; MOWB 6/9/65
Thompson, Charles D. 21 W.Alberg, Vt
1/21/64 W/P 8/25/64 @ Ream's Station, VA; RTB 1/14/65; MOWB 6/9/65
Thresher, Elbridge D. 21 Hardwick
1/5/64 Died of disease 4/26/65 @ Arty Brigade Hosp, 2nd Army Corps, Burkeville Station, Va
Towle, Mathew 18 Brookline
2/18/64 MOWB 6/9/65
Townsend, George M., Cpl 20 Boston
9/9/62 Sgt, 12/3/62; 1st sgt, 11/1/64; 2nd Lt, 3/27/65; MOWB 6/9/65
Trefry, William A. 21 Marblehead
9/9/62 dis'c 6/16/65, order of War Dept
Warburton, Hiram 22 Ware
wool sorter
9/962 MOWB 6/9/65
Ward, Franklin 38 N.Bridgewater
9/9/62 Died of disease 9/20/63 @ Baltimore, Md
Wendell, Reuben B. 32 E.Boston
9/9/62 D/D 2/24/63 @ Baltimore, Md
Whalen, Daniel 21 Canton
8/31/64 MOWB 6/9/65
Wheelock, Oliver W. 18 Barre
1/4/64 MOWB 6/9/65
White, Agustus C. 19 Boston
9/9/62 WIA 5/10/64 @ Po River, VA;MOWB 6/9/65
White, John D. 22 W.Boylston
9/7/64 MOWB 6/9/65 [B 3rd Rifles, E 21st Inf]
Whiting, Edwin S. 27 Petersham
12/22/63 MOWB 6/9/65
Wilson, Everett J. 23 Worcester
wire drawer
transf Trn'frd from 11th Inf; MOWB 6/9/65 [C 11th Inf]
Wilson, Jonas W. 27 Charlestown
provision dealer
9/9/62 MOWB 6/9/65
Winslow, Henry B., Jr 18 Marblehead
9/9/62 MOWB 6/9/65
Woodard, James J. 25 Prescott
9/9/62 Deserted from Camp Barry, Washington, DC
Woodfin, Philip T. Jr., Sgt 22 Marblehead
shoe cutter
9/9/62 WIA 10/13/63 @ Auburn, VA; DFP 3/19/64 16th Btry [also 8th Inf (3 mos)]
Woodis, Charles E. 18 Rutland
9/9/62 MOWB 6/9/65
Wright, Rufus C. 27 Framingham
1/5/64 MOWB 6/9/65 [also K 65th NY Inf]

{Final Resting Place - MHC, Mount Hope Cemetary, Boston; MAC, Mount Auburn Cemetary, Cambridge}

note - a "cordwainer" was a shoemaker.

Other units referred to: 1st Mass Battery; 3rd Mass Heavy Artillery; 4th Mass Heavy Artillery; 16th Battery Mass Light Artillery; 29th Unnattached Company of Heavy Artillery; 4th Mass Infantry; 5th Mass Infantry; 8th Mass Infantry; 14th Battery Mass Light Artillery; 25th Mass Infantry [Any unit not designated US, or by state, are Massachusetts units.]

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This information compiled from Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War, The Adjutant General, 1932, and Sleeper's 10th Massachusetts Battery, by John D. Billings, 1881 with additional information from the Massachusetts Military Archives, Worcester, MA, and is presented by the Tenth Mass Battery Association.

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